The Great Lakes Business Leadership Network is part of a larger national network, the United States Business Leadership Network(USBLN). We are a regional council of the Business Leadership Network of Michigan (MIBLN).
The USBLN is a national disability organization that serves as the collective voice of over sixty Business Leadership Network affiliates across North America, representing over 5,000 employers. The USBLN provides education programs to affiliates, including an annual national conference and the Disability Supplier Diversity Program.

Organizations can participate in Great Lakes BLN as member businesses or partners.

BLN Members

Great Lakes BLN Members are businesses that share a commitment to collaboration and to the sharing of best practices to fully tap into the talent of people with disabilities in our region.

The Dow Chemical Company serves as the lead employer for Great Lakes BLN. Rob Vallentine, Public Affairs Director, is spearheading Dow Chemical’s participation in, and support for, the Great Lakes BLN.

BLN Partners

Great Lakes BLN Partners are non-profit, human service organizations and businesses whose primary missions are focused on increasing inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of life. This is a broad group of organizations providing a wide range of services to increase the quality of life for those they serve. Great Lakes BLN Partners meet to develop a collaborative approach to more effectively respond to the emerging opportunities realized from the business-led Great Lakes BLN.

The Disability Network of Mid-Michigan is the lead partner for the Great Lakes BLN. David Emmel and Jennifer Page are the Great Lakes BLN program coordinators at Disability Network of Mid-Michigan.

The start-up for this project was funded by grant from the Michigan Department Labor and Economic Growth – Michigan Rehabilitative Services, using funds from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).